My name is Saundra Harper and I had the pleasure of continuing to learn Spanish with Lucia as a volunteer in her homeschool Spanish class. Lucia is a wonderful instructor in her classroom and very hands on. She does not just give you vocabulary and verbs she also gives you culture. She makes you feel very comfortable in learning a foreign language. I am so pleased that in a semester my boys spent with her learning Spanish they still continue to have conversations with each other. I am so excited that my son and I will be able to study abroad with Lucia in Mexico so we can become fluent in the language and share in the cultural experience. I would recommend that anyone who can study with Lucia do so she definitely made an impact on my boys and me.

Saundra Harper, CSU student and Spanish major candidate
October, 2010

Eli, vegetarian 16 year old High School Student – stayed Summer of 2010

You guys were very welcoming and treated everyone very well.
The house was great!
I loved the food. Thank you for always having something without meet available.
The classes were very helpful.
I loved every outing we went on. I learned so much about the history and culture. I really enjoyed it. I liked making local friends like Gibran or Ruben.
The whole experience was great and made me realize so much about the culture and just about how much people take the ability to communicate for granted.
I think the trip was well worth the price. I would recommend Puebla as a good destination to other students and make sure they know it isn’t super touristy. That’s also why I would recommend it. I feel that you can really experience the culture here.

"she was a great teacher :)”
September 8, 2010, Notre Dame College, ESL Student,
from Universitetet i Stavanger, Norway
Maria Wiborg